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Since 1994, our team has had the privilege of assisting international corporations, multinationals, small businesses, professionals and families to obtain US visas, US work visas and US permanent residencies (Green Cards).

We were instrumental in securing over 30,000 work visas and Green Cards in the United States alone. Our team assisted more than 4,500 companies with their expansion in the US which has helped create over 75,000 jobs in the US as well as maintain jobs in each company’s home country.

Let us be part of your team!


US Business/   Expansion Visa 

Expand your business or company in the US. Transfer your key employees to manage every aspect of your US operations. 

Multinational Visa

US immigration (USCIS) implemented special privileges for multinationals ensuring faster processing with less documentation.

Investor Visa 

Visa tailor-made for small businesses. Minimum investment of US $ 100,000. Citizens from over 75 countries admissible.

Business Centers

Our consulting team with over 250 years of combined experience in their related field and contacts throughout the US. Let them be part of your team!

International professional US Visa (H-1B)

Professionals throughout the world with unique qualification and a job offer to the US in their related field can obtain a work visa. 

Visa for professionals (Trade NAFTA / TN)

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allows professional citizens from Canada and Mexico with a job offer to obtain a temporary work visa for the US.

Extraordinary abilities (Permanent residency/ Green Card)

Professionals who have become recognized as experts in their related field (science, art, education, business or sport).  

Personal Services

A Welcoming Team

Marriage to a US citizen

US Waivers

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