Businesses or companies from over 160 countries admissible                       for a US Business Expansion Visa 

The US Business Expansion Visa was created after World War II when the United States joined the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) along with a handful of other countries in an effort to open trade relations between member countries. In the 1990’s, the GATT, which was merely a forum for nations to discuss, was upgraded to become the World Trade Organization (WTO), a proper international organization. The existing GATT members became the founding members of the WTO on January 1st 1995.

Among other things, the WTO’s agreements specifically allow businesses or companies from over 160 countries including the United States, on a reciprocal basis, to expand their operations through a simplified procedure which fosters trade and services.

As a result, if your company or business is based in one of the countries listed below, you are admissible to expand your operations in the US and your key employees are welcome to immigrate in the US to manage every aspect of your business or company, thus ensuring your success.

Click on your home country listed below for more information on your admissibility:

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